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Read my entire post history if you want - if you can one post where I say that iPhones are better than Androids, I will make a public apology.

Stating that there are more iPhone owners than Android owners was to make a point - there are more iPhone owners on this forum that can actually relate and discuss the pros and cons on owning the device, and give you hands-on insight and advice on these devices.

On the other hand, I don't see a lot of Android users posting their impressions of their devices on these boards... I just see the usual "it's open source so its the bomb" and "iPhony is the suxxor" non-sense. This is a real forum, with real technology enthusiasts - let's step it up.

Edit: for the record, even if I was the only mofo with an iPhone, I still would be a happy camper. I can't put my 3GS down, it's way to useful and practical :)

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