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Since the laptop has AHCI enabled, all SATA devices are hot-pluggable, which means that you can connect and disconnect them at will (so long as you safely remove them). This is one of the best features of SATA in my opinion, since it lets you temporarily connect drives to your PC without having to reboot, while still giving you access to the full speed of the SATA bus rather than having to use a USB adapter to get the hot-plugging functionality.
Originally Posted by m1dget View Post
From a non windows user I would simply guess that there's a screwup somewhere in the drivers and every time it syncs the drives it pops you that message to tell you that the buffer is emptied and that you can remove the drive.

But meh... it's windows and manufacturer's drivers are usually only fat broken blob that you can't do crap about it <_<
You should do a little more research. Maybe then you would learn that this is how it's actually supposed to work, rather than blaming Microsoft and Windows for perfectly implementing the SATA hot-plugging feature.
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