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Any word on how this worked out for you? With my recent upgrade to eyefinity my 5870 is getting hit hard in all games now. My temps were getting to the low 90s so I added a profile to keep it to 80C max, but it's noisy to me. This cooler is $50 this week, just want to hear how it's working out before I take a plunge.
Sry guys, I wasn't monitoring the thread anymore, people didn't seemed interested.
Ok, this is my last info.

I got my cooler and waited a few days before installing it. I payed $49.99 on sale from NCIX for this thing!
I's still on sale btw.
I grabbed some nylon nuts/bolts from Canadian Tire (bought by the unit, 10-15cents each kinda deal), to use to re-install the backplate, I want to keep it on to keep the PCB from sagging.

Anyway, the thermal tape for the RAM doesn't stick AT ALL. There is a little plastic fil to remove, but underneath, the pads are bone-dry.

The other two guys who bought it at the same time also got THE EXACT SAME ISSUE. I and another guy tried the hairdryer method to heat up the pad, to see if it would soften, get sticky or dice. The third guy put them on, to figure out the next day that they fell off the BGA RAM modules...

I was trying to get thermal tape LOCALLY (too hard to find, most don't have a clue lol!!!). I didn't feel like buying 3 or 4 little pieces+shipping online, or buying a full roll if I need only a few pieces.

I got some Arctic Alumina EPOXY thermal glue here, but I'm not crazy, I wont use that for a lifetime warrantied XFX HD5870 reference...I would get screwed if I have to put the stock cooler on for some RMA purposes...

The cooler is apparently REALLY efficient to cool-off the GPU and reduce noise. NOT so good to cool the VRMs. Apparently, the stock cooler is a LOT better at cooling the VRMs.

Would allow me to push my unlocked vcore 5870 to do some nice overclocking performance with reduced heat and noise
Arinoth, unless we can figure out a way to increase cooling to the VRMs, consider this cooler a "noise-reducer", more than a "overclocking headroom adding" upgrade.

With a stock cooler, the VRMs are getting up to around 50 degrees celsius in Bad company2. With the AC Xtreme5870, some users mentioned VRM temps of 100+ degrees celsius. I JUST ASSUME that it doesn't help OCing. The VRMs are supposedly spec'ed out to reach up to 150 degrees celsius...

I wonder why Arctic Cooling could make such a NOOB mistake in the design of a cooler (neglecting VRMs)'s not like they got in the aftermarket cooling market last week....

I bet one could consider using some aftermarket VRM cooling (Thermalright VRM-R3 or R4)in conjunction with the Accelero 5870, but that would be ugly as hell, costly and making you regret not choosing a VAPOR-X!!!

Our NCIX topic on that note:

NCIX FORUMS - Accelero Xtreme 5870 RAMsinks

Gamer guy, me (Delavan) and Eh Devildog (nicknames from NCIX forum) bought the cooler at the same time and they're probably coming from the same batch...same shipment FOR SURE and SAME ISSUES.
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