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Default Upgrading from 4850 512 mb Card

Hi All,

Need some advice as to which card to get. Here are the specs for my system.

Q6700 Cpu
4 Gig Corsair DDR 2 ram
ATI 4850 512 mb video card(with GFX Chilla fan installed)
3 x 1 Tb hard drives
Acer monitor (1680x 1050)
OCZ 850 watt power supply
Running windows XP Professional- but upgrading to Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

Currently, I play lots of TF2 and my system runs smoothly. I was thinking of upgrading my video card once I go to Windows 7. My son wants my 4850 card in his rig. I have 200-300 to spend. I am not sure if I should just keep this card or upgrade. If I upgrade, I want to see a boost in my performance.

I was thnking of the GTX 460 or the ATI 5850. However, I will consider others based on the opinions I get.

Thanks for any advice you could send my way.
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