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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Synth View Post
I actually own one, and it's in my sig, but I guess he's being smart...

It's funny, I can count at least 5 iPhone users (well, the ones who admitted it, including me) on this board, and 0 Android owners... but the Android still "is the sh*t"... no one has one, but it's still the best mobile device
I've played around with android quite a bit and its pretty great (I own a iPhone tho), but it doesn't seem that much different then iOS. In Day to Day useage its pretty much the same thing (pages of apps, texting, and a somewhat similar looking desktop). Sure there's features like flash, and some phones have better specs then the iPhone, but most andriod phones do not.

It's a valid alternative that I don't see as any better or worse the the iPhone/iOS
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