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Originally Posted by bgf View Post
Sorry but my Nexus One outperforms the Ifony 4 as I can make calls while holding it with the left or right hand, with 2,3 or four fingers and I can replace the battery for $30. It also has lots of apps. I woundn't trade my phone for a dozen iphony 4's
Besides my 4 year old granddaughter claims she is an android girl as she loves playing with my phone. I have 3 pages of games for her at 16 apps per page.
I am happy with it and so is she.
Calm down and take your fanboism rant somewhere else. You don't contribute anything even though what you say is somewhat true although there are much better android phones than the Nexus One.

Besides the iPhone 4 can do some things your Nexus One can't do and we truely don't know the full situation about the attenna problem as a very large portion are not complaining what so ever and a lot of people claim not to have the issue. Maybe it was a batch that had that issue or maybe they have fixed it who knows.

Plus I can replace the battery as well as give it a higher capacity battery. I can also change a lot of different parts in the phone.

Also my 5 year old cousin loves the iPhone and adores the iPad and want to use those 2 things non stop when ever they come over.

Plus I have all my apps on one page so no flipping around all organized in folders.

So I don't see any points that you brought up that were better.

I have changed my stance of not getting the iPhone 4 to now getting it because I am eligible to get it for $259 for the 32 GB version. I can sell my old iPhone 3GS to cover the cost.

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