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Yea, I can change where iTunes organizes and stores my music to, but will iTunes load up fast if the music is not on the SSD but iTunes itself is installed on the SSD? I'm pretty new to the SSD scene and somewhat of a newb.

Edit: I benched my 2x WD Caviar Blacks in my RAID 0 setup, and the numbers I got are a bit ridiculous. If this is correct, I won't see much improvement with the SSD, will I? I think I would see huge improvement, it's strange. I've attached a results file for ATTO Disk benchmark (.bmk). Just open it with ATTO disk benchmark: (techPowerUp! :: Download ATTO Disk Benchmark v2.34).

Edit 2: Just in case you don't want to get ATTO, the results for the 8192.0 were about 232mb/s and 245mb/s.
I can take a screenshot too if you want, or you can just get the attached results file for ATTO Dis Benchmark.
It seems highly unlikely that I get such insane speeds out of 2 Western Digital Caviar Blacks in RAID 0.

Edit 3: I don't know, seems highly unlikely that ATTO is incorrect. If it is correct, I'll basically be seeing no performance increase? - Buy OCZ Vertex 96GB 2.5IN SATA 2 Indilinx Solid State Disk Flash Drive Ssd - OCZSSD2-1VTX96G In Canada. seems alright, the indilinx controller does kill the sustained write speeds though (100mb/s vs 250mb/s), but that probably isn't important to me. It's also 50k IOPS on the sandforce vs 17k IOPS on the indilinx, once again I'm not sure how important that is.
So it's between the 60GB and the 96GB, BUT I don't even know if I'll be seeing a performance increase with what ATTO has told me.

So I'm still conflicted as to whether I'll be seeing a performance increase over my 245mb/s read and 235mb/s write speeds from my WD Black 500GB RAID0 setup when I get an SSD, even one of the higher end ones.
Maybe it's more than the max read and writes, and SSD's are for the small reads such as booting into an OS or loading up apps and games. I'm just not sure if an SSD will show me much performance increase...
Still need help.
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