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I was giving this some thought overnight and while the both versions of GTX460 are wonderful cards, since you building an AMD based system, you wouldn't be able to do SLI if you choose to get a second GTX460 later on (due to nvidia's licensing of SLI).

For your monitor atm, a 5770 1GB would be sweet and 2 of them in crossfire would be overkill, but if you were to upgrade your monitor to a 1920x1080 later on, then the 2 5770's in crossfire would be equal to the 5850 which could give you alot of eye candy! Another way of doing it would be to stay with the original 5850 and pick up another one later on and enjoy HEAPS of eye candy for sure!

If you wanted to go Intel's way, even though it would push up your budget by an extra $100 or so, you could pick an i5 750 and an Asus P7P55D-E Pro USB3, keep the GTX460 and pick up another GTX460 later on for sli. If you wanted to save on that extra $100 then keep the board i suggested and get the i3 530 and upgrade the cpu later on as well.

It's all up to you though, as some people prefer just a single video card option and others don't mind doing crossfire/sli setups.
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