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Default Need some help and tips... for a desk thats holds my computer.

Ok well.... I was looking around at my computer desk and I got the idea, of a plexyglass case, that doubles as my desk top counter.

I have a metal frame, well...two sides of it..and the middle (the counter) holding it all up.

Now i want to take out the wood counter, and drop it 5 inches, then get mounting scres and mount all of my computer parts in a plexyglass desk, that you can see into while your stuffs on it.

Now, I need an idea, 1" thich for the top and .5" for the bottom and sides?

or 1" for the whole thing?

Any ideas and tips to get started?

Also, on my to do list is a Picture frame that holds you computer, submerged in non conductive liquid.

Thease are my idea, and hopefully soon to be projects.
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