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+1 on the GTX460 & 945! You will enjoy a sweeter system for sure!

I would change the board to the newer 8 series AMD Chipset though, as they offer more "future-proofing" with SATA3 & USB3, plus native support (no BIOS updating) for the newer Phenom II X6 cpu's. I say this because later on you may wish to upgrade your cpu for a better one and you may even consider getting an ssd when they come down in price too, so having a more current 880G or 890GX board would a wise investment.

I chose the 880G & 890GX boards because u've got a 785G board so I'm lead to believe that you want onboard graphics just in case your video card doesn't post or gives you some trouble later on.

Otherwise, everything else looks great! Good luck with your build
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