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Whoa thread revival!

Originally Posted by shayan288 View Post
I am a graphics junkie too, and have been a PC gamer for about 2 years also, but I recently got a PS3 so I could play with friends, and on a big screen. I have to say that from playing a lot of GTA4 on the PC, to playing it on the PS3, the PS3 GTA4 graphics are terrible. Seriously, just terrible compared to the PC's. Red Dead Redemption is probably one of the only console games I have that could compare to a high end PC game's graphics.
Interesting that you used RDR as an example for PS3 graphics, since it was slammed kind of hard for it's much inferior graphical representation compared to the 360. I think you should play Uncharted 2. ;)

News: Red Dead Redemption's sub-HD PS3 display: Analysis -

Originally Posted by Eldonko View Post
I have a PS3 and I use it for 2 things. 1) a media server 2) To play sports games because they suck on PC

I must say I also prefer GTA on PS3
I would say many 3rd person action games are better with a controller. I tried playing AC1 on PC with a kb/mouse and it was less than spectacular. I quit after about 4-5 hours. Then I played it on my PS3 and it was actually fun so I finished it!
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