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Originally Posted by Realityshift View Post
To be honest for what your looking to do with this system you could save alot of money by going with either an AMD build (X4 955, X6 1055) or a 1156 build (I3 530, I5 750) But still have MORE then enough horsepower to get the job done. I do alot of photo editing in lightroom and photoshop, as well as some 3dsmax work and the i3 530 has never come close to lagging behind. Personally I would go with a lower priced CPU/MB/Ram setup and spend the extra money on a bigger video card.

What Resolution will you be gaming at exactly?

These are just my humble opinions, Im in a very similar position as you and I just see the i7 as being overkill for anyone other then benchmarkers, but it really depends on how much money you wanna throw at your build.
I've been dwelling on this comment as well. I'll see if I can e-build something along these guidelines and see where I also get. Thanks for your suggestion, Reality.
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