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windows home server is the most cost effective microsoft method to use. However keep in mind that the current version of windows home server is not able to backup itself though. So if the boot drives blows you are reinstalling the server. The acer ones are nice. Load it up with 4 2TB drives and turn file duplication on and you've got around 4TB of duplicate file storage. On the other hand you could just build one from parts. it would make a much more professional looking solution. here is one thing you can use.

Atom based Board
Norco RPC230 Chassis (2u Chassis)
Antec Earthwatts PSU
4 hard drives
sata cdrom

Depending on the atom board you may need a sata card as some atom boards only have 2 sata ports. And here is my current WHS i am updating today with some hotswap racks.

Norco RPC450 (4U Rackmount Case)
Supermicro 5 in 3 mobile rack x2
8x 1TB WD Black
1x 80GB Seagate
Asus Am2+ Mobo
AMD X2 64 7550
Antec Earthwatts 500W PSU

I am planning on removing the DVD Drive and putting in another mobile rack there so i can install up to 15 hard drives giving me a max of around 28TB of storage.

One word of note though on WHS you need at least a 60GB boot partition otherwise the installer will not install. But using an 80GB drive is a bad idea as the larger the remainder the better performance you will get. Also when you turn file duplication on your amount of space you can use is cut in half.
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