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Originally Posted by Misoprostol View Post
I haven't yet tried flashing to the latest BIOS, but Kentsfield FSB overclocking on this board appears to be absolutely horrible, I had an ES Bad Axe 2 in my system before, and besides the spacing of the PCIe slots, and the non-functionality of my sound card (oh yeah and no SLI support...) it was a MUCH better overclocking board.

I can't even get much over 300FSB on this board with a Kentsfield, and from what I've seen around the net, that's about par for the course... I'm very disappointed.
That's a given.

Intel and ATi(now AMD) chipsets are the better overclockers. nVIDIA's Intel nForce series and the newer 680i just seem to have always been lackluster when it came to overclocking.
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