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I actually just completed my latest home server build.

Intel D510M Motherboard (Atom D510 ITX Motherboard) {$87.79}
1x 2GB DDR 800Mhz {$47.99 Kingston ValueRam}
2x 2TB WD Caviar Green, EADS series, hard drives
Lian Li PC-Q07 ITX Case {$79.99}
PC Power & Cooling Silencer 420W ATX Power Supply {$40-$50}

The power supply is mucho overkill for this build but it's what I had in excellent condition lying around being unused & since the server will be on 24/7 quality is important. This server is ultra quiet with a small footprint, not to mention it just looks cool. Being a server an optical drive was not needed being used, via a usb adaptor, for OS installation only.

Except for the 2x 2TB hard drives, which you won't need according to what you have stated, this build works amazingly as a server. Your lesser storage needs would drop the price considerably, 500GB hard drives can be had now for $40. I'm a big fan of "Build It Yourself" and don't usually consider "pre-builts" but it's your call.

I run Linux, CentOS 5.5, as my sever OS but this setup can easily run Windows Home Server if that's what you wish. A build like this falls far short of your budget btw which is always a good thing.

One of the big advantages of a DIY project, other than the great satisfaction you will have after the build is done, is unlike the Acer listed which has a 1year warranty, by choosing my own components I can take advantage of for example, the 3year warranty on my hard drives, 2years on the motherboard, ect.
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