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I was a die hard pc gamer from the original C&C dos release up until about 2008. I picked up a PS3 and enjoyed the laid back style. I even learned to enjoy FPS games on the console for the main reason that I liked the fact that it made guns harder to aim, there was actually a pretty solid advantage in using a sniper rifle in most games since it gave much more precise aim with the analog stick compared to aiming an assault rifle with it. I have recently gotten back into PC gaming again but I now enjoy both. Nothing beats dedicated servers, mods, free map add ons and the controler choices you get on pc. Rts games are about 1000 times better on a PC.

Some games are better on console and some are better on PC. Thats why I have both. I'd buy a PS3 just to play Uncharted 2 if I hadn't played it yet. Best looking game I've seen so far combined with a really nice home theater set up makes for a pretty awesome experience relaxing on the couch. Deamon souls is another great PS3 game. Another plus is having 4 friends over drinking beers and playing a game of bomberman or rag doll kung fu or one of the other 4 player games I have.
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