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My System Specs


Originally Posted by MpG View Post
What I mean is that when the air goes through one radiator, it warms up (because it's carrying away the heat from the water). If the warm air goes through a second radiator afterwards, it won't be as effective. In fact, if both radiators are on the same loop, the radiator getting the warmed-up air often does absolute squat, especially with lower-speed fans. So if that's how the radiators are going to be positioned in your case, than I can't see a lot of point in adding the single-rad to the main loop, that's all.
Ya, I was basically agreeing with your train of thought. If the Single is doing no good in the superloop no point being there at all. I am still wrestling with the chipset loop. I have two kids that run me ragged or I would just test it out I think if I go with 5870 I will do a single loop and GTX480 will go with dual loop. Just need to decide now...

Leaning towards the 480.

Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
I think what MPG is getting at is that if your single rad sits where it's getting warm air from the quad it might be better off in a separate loop elsewhere

Still a thing of beauty. My only regret is not going BTX so you can see the GPU block better.
Here's the current iteration, with a 470 and the mobo block in place.
Looks awesome Sugar Some builds I hate big tubing and others look amazing. Yours is definitely the latter Hope to get my build looking as sweet!

Thanks guys. Will get to work and hope it turns out great.
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