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Originally Posted by NorthwolfeCND View Post

Assembled four systems with UD3-R's - they are so cheap that everybody was buying them - and had nothing but trouble with all of them...and am still having problems (loss of DDR configurations, problems with RAID, various BIOS issues, SLI and dedicated PhysX...and on ,and on...). Now I just refuse to assemble any system with that board...

As for so-called "reviews" you must remember they are generally extremely unreliable - in what pertains to real-world situations. First they are done (I hope) by experts, that have loads of components at their disposal, thus being able to fine-tune the build; then they are generally "quick-tests", most problems occur after a couple of days of use, and after massive installations of software; finally they are not always independent agents - many rely on manufacture's gifts or loans...

I'm not saying it's a bad board, just that it has "issues". From my experience, and from what I have had to read on numerous forums (to look for solutions), there are some huge problems in maintaining a stable 24/7 build with this board...Since I wouldn't buy it for me, that is the advise I give to others...

The HAF X so expensive???? I'm getting them at around 175$ CAD, from various places in Europe. The only problem I'm having is lack of supply...
Ok, i have done a bit more reading (if its going on like this i will never buy a new Computer hehe) and yes it seems the UD3 has quite often memory issues etc. The main reason why i wanted it was that it still ahs UDMA support so i can put my old dvd burner in as a second, but i have scraped that idea now and have been looking at the ASUS P6X58D-E or ASUS P6X68D Premium. The bloody asus page doesn't show any difference for them. Seems this board is a bit more stable and in the same price class.

The HAF 922 costs here 149A$ compared to HAF-X with 259A$ :-(

The other thing i have just read is that INtel will be ditching 1156 and 1366 and bringing a new processor generation out that is incompatible.
This won't happen though unitl late this year for 1156 and late next year for 1366.

Is it worth the wait ?
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