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Default In need a of NAS/Backup suggestions

So my uncle asked me to build him a server like the one I frankensteined out of old computer parts. It's going to be for his office. It would need to act as a NAS and auto backup server for 4 hardwired computers and a wireless laptop.

Problem is my server runs Ubuntu Server Edition and he has no clue how to use Linux. I'm not an expert myself and I won't be around his office to help out if something goes wrong. (not to mention it would be big and power hungry) So a custom built option is off the list right off the bat for a large number of reasons and I could use some suggestions.

There's some features he would like to have for said server though:
1. It should be able to automatically keep 2-3 copies (so 2-3 hard drives) of his network data. (there's a wireless laptop on the network)
2. One copy (hard drive) must be easily removable for a non tech. (I guess either an external drive or a hotswap will do)
3. Capacity does not have to be large, as he only typically has about 80 gigs of data. (not including OS/programs)
4. Should probably run something fairly user friendly like Windows Home Server.
5. It should be in a fairly small enclosure. (no bigger than ~20x20x2T0)
6. Power consumption must be fairly low. (so probably an Atom or something)
7. Budget is under $800 CAD.
8. Print server functionality would be a bonus.
9. Fax server functionality would also be a bonus.

So far I've been looking around and have these 2 on my list: - Buy ASUS Ts Mini Server Intel Atom 1GB 1X500GB GBLAN 2X3.5IN Windows Home Server - TS MINI/1.66G/1G/500G In Canada. - Buy Acer Aspire Easystore H340 Home Server Intel Atom 2GB 1TB GBLAN 4 Bay Hotswap Windows Home Server - PG.T170W.007 In Canada.

The Acer seems to be a better fit for his needs but size is a bit of a concern. The Asus would require a manual backup to an external drive.
Also, is there any way to get print/fax server functionality on WHS? A bit of research says there's no support for it, and I was wondering if anyone's done anything like that before.
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