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Default Intel to cut its prices on April 20th

Q6700 will be a good price but I wish they would drop a 45nm quad.

Intel plans it usual price cut that will affect mostly the old 65nm parts. On April 20th Intel will cut Core 2 Quad Q6700 from the current $527 suggested retail price to $270. The super popular Q6600 at 2.4GHz will drop from $270 to $229. At the same time, Intel plans to introduce its Core 2 Duo E8300 45nm based CPU with 6MB cache and 2.83GHz clock and it will start selling it for $169.

The Core 2 Duo E4600 2.4GHz CPU with 2MB cache will drop from $139 to $119. Pentium Dual core E2200 with 1MB cache and 2.2GHz clock speed will drop from current $87 to $77. Dual Core E2180 clocked at 2.0GHz clock will drop from current $77 to $67.

The last two price cuts will affect the Celeron 440 at 2.0GHz and 512KB cache, it will drop from current $54 to a new low of $45. The last planned price cut affects the Celeron 430 at 1.8GHz 512KB cache and FSB 800MHz. It will drop from current $45 to $35.

All this is expected on April 20th.

Source: Fudzilla
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