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The S592 is a Indlinix based drive. Latest firmware Adata offers for it is the same as 1.4 so if the controller can pass on SHOULD be able to know what to do.

Id DL and run wiper.exe. See how long it takes to run. THEN run CDM and see what numbers you get. Did wiper.exe take under 1 minute? Did the numbers improve in CDM? IF the answer is yes to the first and NO to the second....its not the drive at fault. Its the system. IF wiper.exe took a long time to complete....TRIM is NOT enabled and its the system at fault. IF it took a short period of time AND CDM did not improve it MAY be the drive or the system. Then you should yank and test in another system to see if the numbers improve.

YMMV but that is what I would do.
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