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My System Specs


Originally Posted by MpG View Post

The caveat to this that I would offer is if the single rad is getting preheated air (from the quad rad) - in that case, the single is likely doing squat, and you may as well get it and the accompanying chipset out of the way entirely, so that the preheated air only affects the chipset (and likely won't have any effect, as mentioned above).
Originally Posted by turtletrax View Post
Edit: I was reading wrong LOL. The bolded stuff above is exactly what has me confused. The chipset really doesn't need great cooling, but definitely needs active cooling as the Murdermod has poor airflow on the top mobo portion of the case. Still torn as what to do...

Looks like I am stuck with dual loop as far as I can tell.
I think what MPG is getting at is that if your single rad sits where it's getting warm air from the quad it might be better off in a separate loop elsewhere.

Originally Posted by turtletrax View Post
Pretty much what I was thinking, but old habits die hard. LOL

How is your Murdermod holding up?
Still a thing of beauty. My only regret is not going BTX so you can see the GPU block better.
Here's the current iteration, with a 470 and the mobo block in place.
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