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My System Specs

Default Another loop order, single/dual loop thread...

I know this has been beat to death on many forums but I really do need help with this.

I have been building up my hardware for my dream rig, and it has been a marathon to be honest. About a year ago I had Charles do me up an inverted ATX Murdermod and every time I think I have the hardware I want or the money to do it, luck has not been on my side.

Now I think I am good to go, except for exactly how to go about it as I have a few choices and very little room to maneuver after I pull the trigger. The reason I am stuck is because of the luminous panel that has to be precision tapped by the craftsman that builds it. I have a template that must be marked exactly and has quite a large turnaround time as it is made and tapped in Europe. So I want to really be confidant in my choice.

So, here is my hardware to date.

Rampage III Extreme
Intel 980x
12GB Corsair Cas8 2000 Dom GT
EVGA GTX 480 or XFX 5870 ref (havent decided yet which one)
Corsair HX 1000
Crucial C300 256GB (think I will grab another)
Pioneer BD-R (cant remember the model number, Charles powder coated it for me)
Auzen Hometheater HD
Mcubed BigNG


HK 3.0 Vernickelt
EK FC5870 Plexi/Nickel
EK-FB RE3 Acetal/Nickel
Feser quad X-Changer
Feser single X-Changer (also have a dual laying around)
3x DDC-2
2x EK Multioption RES 100
Wheelbarrow full of Bitspower fittings
If I decide to use the GTX 480 I will grab an EK Plexi/Nickel FC block
I have an EK Dual DDC Turbo Top, but think I will stay away from it. I have some older Petras tops that I amy switch out for some new EK V2s
PC Pro LRT 3/8" in red/white/black (haven't decided colors yet)

Now my question finally. I asked it on XS but they hate Feser to much to respond so I thought I could count on my fellow Canadians to help a brother out. Should I go with a super loop with the quad and single rad, or should I seperate the CPU/GPU on the quad from the NB/SB/Mosfet single rad? If I go single loop that saves another set of taps in the luminous panel, and some complexity on the entire build as I could shed a res as well. I am leaning towards a dual loop myself as I am an oldschooler, and have always wanted to maximize efficiency, but the new way seems to be superlooping. Just not sure enough to go either way and need some swaying

I also want to send a huge thanks to a few peeps. First is Zsamz_ for helping me amass some of the hardware. Has always been a good guy to me and over a period of several years. Just seems like a guy that can always be counted on

The other goes to Dazmode. Super duper great service and I even got a Christmas card! My last order arrived today and was packaged better than any I have ever gotten. Looked like it was done in a factory and it showed up a hell of a lot faster than I thought.

Edit: Dayum. I forgot a couple others. Charles Harwood for sure. The guy is a machine and one of the most sincere people I have ever met. And also BlueAqua from XS. Super neat and helped me with getting some hardware from the States. Another straight up dude.

Just wanted to say thanks to you guys

Also a thanks to anyone that takes time to respond. :)
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