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Originally Posted by lcdguy View Post
or even core i5. I recently built one for my brother and he loves it. I also run a p6x58D Premium.
hhmmm.. yes I have considered p55 with i5 but... AMD's quad cores are more of a bargain. and im gonna game and maybe create a few sandbox games, so dun really need that much of horsepower from intel... besides .. i dunno weather to believe the urban legends but... AMDs cpu are 'supposedly' better to play games with rather than intel's, due to the larger L2 cache size, no? but yeah Intel's boards have better support for SLI .... but the HD7000 series will come out (northern Island) so I wanna prepare for when it arrives, but seriously am I too much future proof-ing my system? SATA 6 and all that stuff?
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