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Originally Posted by Freefall View Post
Thanks for the reply.

The only reason I dont like the MSI cyclone is becuase the cooling on the card doesn't blow exaust air out of the case. I will only have one in for now but if I get a second card in a few months than that will be quite a bit of warm air to blow out via case fans. At least thats what I was thinking I'm no expert thats for sure.

PS would a 750W PSU be enough for a dual gtx 460 system?

PSS those Mushkins are CAS 6 Latency, is there another reason you don't like them?

750W are more then enough for two GTX 460 in SLI. You'll have plenty of headroom left. You'll only need 1000w+ PSU's if your going for a GTX 480 SLI configuration.

As for the Mushkins, you are right. My mistake looked at another kit that was CAS 9. I still have a preference for G. SKILL, just because I always use them (on more then 30 builds) and never had any problems with the PI series. I guess Mushkin will be just as good, just haven't used them yet...

Have fun, looks like a great build...
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