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Default $900-$1000

I'm going to be building a PC towards the end of august beginning of september for anywhere between 900 and 1000 including taxes. I'm willing to go over a 1000 a little bit with taxes. I'll mostly be using this computer for gaming, and will almost certainly not be using it for video editing or as a home entertainment system.
I've been mainly looking at for my processor, either the AMD X4 955 or 965, or the Intel, i5 - 750, and my video card I wish to be either the HD 5770 or the 4870 or 4890. I've looked into a few articles here and on Tom's hardware and it seems that the 4870 and 4890 are better than the 5770 performance wise, but the 5770 has any features, I do not know if these features would be worth it however. For RAM I'd like to have 4 GB DDR2 preferably because it's cheaper, and I'll be buying all this from Canada. I also will not be overclocking anything. I will not for certain be getting those parts, but so far they are the idea I have. For the rest of the computer it does not really matter for me.
Right now I'm using a 19" 1440 x 900 screen but I will probably get a bigger one eventually. Thanks for any input, it's greatly appreaciated
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