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If your going to run Ubuntu I highly recommend you use Envy to install your video card drivers. It is an automated script with graphic and text interface that works for both Nvidia and ATI drivers. Just download the latest package from here Envy, install the package and run the script from the icon in the panel application menu, select either Nvidia or ATI, and your done! The script will download the latest drivers, compile them to the kernel, and configure your xorg.conf for you.

I also noticed that the Envy script allows you to use the nvidia-settings application when the drivers in the Ubuntu repository don't allow you to install it if your using their nvidia-glx-new package. One more thing, if your windows manager ever messed up and your install will no longer load up Gnome or KDE, you can use Envy from the command line by logging in and running Envy. Very good way to avoid having to reinstall Ubuntu because of a video card screw-up.

I'm not to sure about the problems of ATI drivers on other distros, I only installed an ATI card in Ubuntu.
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