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Originally Posted by Mr. Cipher View Post
I tried ubuntu, fiery fawn or whatever it was called (the distro prior to the new one out now). Not reading up on the drivers before installing them, I tried to get my x1600xt's up and running. Of course, not understanding all the linux shell commands, I couldn't undo the driver installation and had to just scrap the whole linux install.

first off, did you follow the guide on installing the graphics drivers if not i would recommend it. Also if your using ubuntu there is a guide for getting it up and running much more decently. Finally when ever i have used linux with ati graphics cards they are generally more difficult than nvidia but not impossible. Also if you follow the guides you will end up with backup configs so if something does go south you can always restore to when it worked by overwriting the config file. I don't have direct links for the guides but if you search for something like Ubuntu Guide, there should be alink in there to the unofficial ubuntu graphics card wiki.
and now for something completely different

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