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My System Specs


Originally Posted by btecanada View Post
I'm using a IOGear keyboard with built in trackball

I have that exact same thing and I'm typing on it now. hmmm where do I start... the trackwheel sucks and feels like a hollow plastic thingy, it stutters and looses connection and somethings the l/r clicks don't work at about 10 feet away, the scroll wheel completely sucks because it's too soft, the media "shortcuts" suck and the top buttons feel extremely cheap, and sometimes fast typing will lag and a whole bunch of completely incorrect characters will be inputted, and then you have to go back to slowly correct them. The scissor keys feel pretty good though, they're just like laptop keys. Oh and there's a bug with all of them where you can't click and drag otherwise the cursor will jump around like crazy. All personal experience in Win7x64.

If you can afford it, get a logitech dinovo edge. They also have a cheaper on bluetooth for PS3, I highly suggest against it (don't support Console markets). That one also has a bunch of buttons that can only be used on a PS3 (no native remapping), and there is no 'windows' key.
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