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My System Specs


To be honest , I have tryied a few gaming keyboard s and mice and well I never noticed any performance difference in any of them , some of the features of gaming mice and keyboards like being able to Hotkey things and the place ment of the side buttons one Mice is about the only thing that makes any difference for me. when I used to play allot of FPS games I would just tweak the .cfg files for the mouse I was using which basically would save me some money instead of paying allot of money for a mouse . but now all that being said there are only a few things I look for in a mouse and that is the side button placement so that my thumb can easily push them and also the size of the mouse , I have pretty big hands so it was fairly hard to find a mouse that fit good for me, and the one mouse that is totally my favorite mouse was the old optical mx518, I bought that mouse for 25CAD on sale and it was the best mouse I have ever used for gaming. nowe I went to look for that same mouse and they are allot more expensive like a fool after I built a computer for my Nephew last year I gave him that mouse and now I miss it allot , the closet mouse to that one is the Logitec g500 which I bought second hand off here it is a good mouse but seems a little buggy at times probably a driver issue.
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