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My System Specs


Originally Posted by geokilla View Post
What a waste of electricity... Give her a folding rig or two to keep warm

As for you... what temperature do you set your AC at? If you set it at say 20C when no one's home, SHAME ON YOU! I'm serious. I hate people that do that. I don't get why people set their AC to the same temperature as when there's people at home. There's a reason why thermostats are programmable nowadays
Mainly between 80 and 70 depending on the outdoor temp. The problem is that the old women that live under me is always cold. SHE HEAT DURING SUMMER!!!!!So my place get fking hot, I need this AC running 24/7

Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post
good god but how much do you pay electricity lol? im running nice and lean on 100 buckers here. nothing more, nothing less, and thats with ac usage.
Well it's my first month here so I don't know but my sister is in the blockjust aside ( identical ) and she say around 70$ per 2 month. so if we add the fact that I have a computer 6 or 7 time bigger then...80$ per 2 month maybe??
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