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My System Specs


The Inquirer is one of the most read tech site son the web and they, are more often than anyone, the first to get their grubby little hands on juicy tidbits of tech news, and they know how to present it in an entertaining way- and while they are often a little off center on their stories, they make no claims to be Reuters- we're not talking about medical research here- it's entertainment and to take it too seriously is to drain it of enjoyment- most of the time if I post something from the Inquirer, I acknowledge that it's suspect- sometimes if I'm rushed and it's something as trivial as whether a power supply is 85% or 90% (and they say ALMOST 90%) efficient, I won't bother, and I'll leave it up to the "experts" to refute it- after all that's what keeps the experts entertained- pointing out everyone else's mistakes. So what fun would it be for the experts if they didn't have a little fallacy to poop on once in a while?

I will make sure I keep them in the Rumours Section where I usually put them- that was my mistake.

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