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Default Core voltage increases when waking up from sleep mode in Windows 7!

I have my Phenom II 955 x4 set to 1.35v in the bios and I accidentally hit the hibernate button on my new keyboard thinking that it would completely shut off the computer, but its a sleep button... anyways when i moved my mouse it turned back on from hibernate and on CPU-z and CPUID

I freaked out and thought there was something seriously wrong.
I then tried it again to see if it was the cause, and guess what? It was. Putting my computer into sleep makes my vcore voltage go through the roof! It starts off by staying at 1.025v for about 10 seconds and spikes to the 1.39v.

Is this a common problem among win 7 users? I am going to have to figure out how to disable that button because its just asking for problems. Is there a way to disable it maybe?
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