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My System Specs


A rather quickly translated version of what the dude said. Please forgive my crappy translating :)

Intro of how well Intel stuff overclocks, but **motherboard makers??** overclocking won't that good. Why?

Intel has told some motherboard makers some specs of the next gen sandybridge. The first Sandybridge CPU will be **released/open to the public** in the 2011 CES.

There will be two **classes** of Sandybridge CPU's. (Like Mainstream etc...) Max TDP of 95W and will have Hyperthreading technology.

The guy goes on to about some interesting facts about the Sandybridge (ie: Quad core) and the P67 chipset.

Then talks about dynamic overclocking the GPU/CPU core according to the TDP.

Intel will release unlocked versions of their CPU's.
-Two "types" of unlocked CPU: Partially and Fully unlocked. **Explained in the slide**

Apparently Intel is doing this so that it takes up less PCB space and costs less.
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