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My System Specs


Originally Posted by fishingfanatic View Post
Hi bud. Here's what to do. Pm AkG, the resident guru of SSDs. Tell him I mentioned talking to you so he knows why you would be pming him. He will fill you in on all the info you could want. Including how to maximize efficiency and other tweaks to keep your drive running good longer. If he gets snarly, which he never does, hehe, tell him after you get through basic you'll direct some traffic his way, APV, tank,... You are going for communications aren't you?
Poor AkG. It seems that this is the recommendation everytime and SSD thread pops up. There are plenty threads/people on these forums that can answer any SSD questions.

Now to answer the thread starter's questions. Putting the OS and as many applications as you can on the SSD is a great overall system performance boost. Games do benefit from SSD's but not nearly so much as other applications. You'll see maybe a few second decrease in load times for most games. Although VLC & Firefox are tiny applications, you will see next to no increase in performance w/ them. The majority of the time VLC takes to load will be the media it is accessing. W/ Firefox you launch the application once and keep it open for the remainder of the day.

SSD 'tweaks' is a debatable thing. Same goes w/ the page file. But you can see it discussed here.
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