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My System Specs

Default SSD for OS only?

Hey, putting together options for a new build, and I'm wondering if there would be any benefit to dropping Win7 on a 64GB SSD, and running all other installed files off a standard HDD. (Games, etc.) The reason I ask, is my budget is simply not going to allow for a huge volume of SSD storage. But I could get away with a decent 64GB (Thinking of the Kingston SSDNow V Series for $90) for the OS if it'll show me a half decent performance increase.

Basically, I know that running games and stored media off a secondary drive would eliminate the benefit of read/write on SSD. But I'm wondering if the extra speed on swap files and OS access would still be enough to give me a noticeable performance bump? (I don't care about Windows load time so much, so don't bother mentioning it.)

*EDIT* I know this is a googlable ( <-- is that a word?) subject; but everything I could find seemed to be guesses, assumptions, and theory. I haven't found anything concerning hands on experience except on people using ONLY SSD.
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