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Looks like it failed the quality check.

Also got some news:

Just wanted to update you with the latest news. We have made the final revisions to the T4 mold and are waiting for them to be corrected. However we will not have a final ETA until the end of the month. Because of this additional delay, Management has decided to do a special edition product run for the handful of people (such as yourself) that have been waiting for so long. The reservoir you will be receiving has all the new features of the T4 as well as past functionality of the T3 including the mount of the D5 and dual inlet/dual outlet feature. These reservoirs will not be avaiable to the general public because they are a completely hand machined part. We are willing to incur the extra cost involved for those of you that have had to wait for so long, who have remained patient, and who continue to support us. We expect to have these reservoirs in our hands no later than August 2nd. As always, I will keep you updated as I receive the information.
I had thought the T4 was going to be a better version of the T3. Either we got tricked and the whole time it was just like any other reservoir, or they realized it was too difficult to make the T4 and changed the design completely, making only real T4's for those of us with defective T3's.

Oh, and this is my first post, yay! Native from OCN here, but Canadian all the way.
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