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Default SupremeFX X-Fi - Multi-streaming? Many stereo outs wanted!

Hey all, as some of you know I've got the Crosshair IV mobo that uses Creative SupremeFX X-fi onboard audio. The quality is decent, but they only have one stereo output it seems. However, I'd now like to be able to at least use the additional output jacks (the ones intended for 5.1/7.1) as additional stereo outs. Why? I hate splitters and the cheap plastic ones from my local electronics store often break quickly.

Has anyone tried this? I'd like to able to hook up at least two or three different things to my PC for stereo output, ideally: Z-2200s, Headphones andmy powerful surround sound (with many, many speakers/subs, haha). Any insight would be helpful, thanks all!

PS: Im not sure "multi-streaming" would be the correct term for this, since i don't need many separate audio outs, just several "copied" stereo outs.
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