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Default Cases, Cases

I've been shopping for cases, and I still can't come to any conclusion.

My predicament is:
A budget of $100 including which needs to encompass:
-The case
-The shipping
-Optional Case fans

Optimal Capabilities/wants:
Fits a Mugen 2 rev. B
Fits a XFX 5850
Needs to be not completely immobile, so some of the huge cases might be out.
Not obnoxiously loud
Not Lit up with LEDS all over the place.

Possibilities so far that I've come up with:
Lian Li Lancool K7B ($90, but it has free shipping)
Antec 300 w/ additional 3 Scythe "Slipstream" Case Fans rated at 24db (totaling around $97 w/ shipping)
Lian Li Lancool K60B (comes to $105 with shipping, but 5$ isn't that much of an issue)

These are only a few of the possibilities, but you guys know better than me about cooling and such.

So far the Antec 300 setup sounds the most appealing, with 5 fans, 3 rated at 60+ CFM and low db. The Lian LI Lancool K7 has the removable motherboard tray and top mounted power supply that appeal to me, however, I do not know about the cooling on the K7, as it only has 2 front intake fans and and one outtake. It depends on the PSU to be the other outtake to balance the 2:2 ratio. The K60B is the biggest of the three, and might be overkill, but I'm not completely sure.

Your input?
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