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Originally Posted by grinder View Post
holy mis-information batman. It's not a software RAID card... that raid card does not do RAID 5.. hence the lack of a parity computational chip. I own that card (among many RAID cards) and it most certainly is hardware raid.

If you can get a quality hardware RAID 5 card with onboard cache jump all over it! You will thank-yourself in the end. Tho to most folks, hardware RAID 5 cards are not affordable (like you asked).
It is an HBA. However it definitely isn't a hardware RAID card. It has no I/O processor. It has no cache. I guess software RAID isn't the right word, 'Fake RAID' may be better.

Originally Posted by catnhat View Post
Not sure about the electrical tape. Can you elaborate?
I found a number of them on ebay, but some have a battery pack. is that necessary?

Thanks again.
PERC 5/i RAID Card: Tips and Benchmarks - -

A good guide on the PERC 5i. You don't need a battery back if you have a UPS or turn off write-caching. But w/o write caching, your write speeds will be considerably lower. And don't pay too much for them. There are some people selling them for like $200+. I wouldn't pay more than $100 for one.
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