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TVs work good for watching TV and computers work good with monitors.

Although, that LCD TV you linked, appears to have a resolution of 1440x900, which is the same as a 19" Widescreen monitor, so it should actually work rather nicely. Plug your cable feed directly into it though and not into your computer for the best TV picture.

Originally Posted by Future Shop Reviewer
The PC part is not perfect. The native resolution of the TV is 1440x900. However, in its documentation, Samsung says that the maximum resolution for a PC is 1360x768. So the TV has to stretch the PC image. It is still usable, but it is not the clear image that you would get on real PC monitor.I've tried a lot of other products on the market TV card, image capture, multi purpose monitor, and this is the best that I have found. If I could set my PC to the native resolution of the TV, this product would have been perfect.
If thats the case, you may want to try picking up a cheap DVI-to-HDMI cable from TigerDirect or similar and use that instead. You may be able to get 1440x900 resolution using HDMI.
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