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My System Specs

Default Safe Temps? (i7 930)

Hey guys,

Just finished putting together this build yesterday, and decided i'd try overclocking for my first time. Read a few articles, and gave it a whirl. Seems to be doing okay thus far at 3.960, prime95 has been running for about 25 minutes but i'll be keeping it on for a few hours.

My temps are making me abit nervous though.

SpeedFan says theyre at 80c, which is iffy to me - i've used speed fan in the past and like it a lot.

...but I also downloaded "Real Temp", which i've never used before - and it's telling me the temps are between 89 and 95!

I'm not sure which one to believe. Also, is 80c to high?

I'm using a thermaltake 212 Plus CPU cooler. I have intentions of putting together a watercooling configuration in a few weeks though, but I need some more money and need to do a little more research before I start that!

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