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Originally Posted by fishingfanatic View Post
If you go with the 5970 get XFX. With dual lifetime warranty you're covered for any problems and if you decide to sell it the next owner is covered as well. I have the 5970 and love it. The thermal and power issues are what swayed me. For the 480 I would go with EVGA as they're rma support is excellent, and has lifetime warranty.
Make sure that you register your card as soon as you're home so your warranty is covered. I believe EVGA gives you 30 days after purchase for lifetime, otherwise it's one yr. I'm not sure how long you have for XFX, so be sure to register right away to getr your lifetime warranty.
Up 'til the 480 I had always been an Nvidia fan but as explained I went ATI. That said, you can't go wrong with Nvidia but consider extra fans for that case.
Most everything you're getting I'm using in my system, including the 1000w HX. There is a new series AX but I'm not sure of availability or price. If you ever decide to add a 2nd card you will need at least the 1000 watter.
Good luck with the build and enjoy the new system!
Do you experince any throttling?
I was thinking of getting the 5970 xfx black, i heard its much more stable on OC
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