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Default Gag Wedding Gift

Well here it finally is folks. The Gag Wedding Gift i was talking about on the forums for a few weeks. Finally got around to uploading the pictures and here they are.

Here we have 100$ worth of coins weighing in at 17lbs exactly (according to the girl friend's roomate's scale). If you don't want to count how much of each here it is:
20$ in pennies
20$ in nickles
15$ in dimes
20$ in quarters
25$ in loonies
100$ in coins total

I lugged that in one of those reusable shopping bags from the bank to my apartment (which was about a 10-15 min walk).

Not shown is us taping up the insides of the box that will hold the coins so that they will not lose any under the flaps. Though what is shown is the entire thing dumped into the box.

Yep, thats 100$ in a small box all mixed around together as to not make it easy or quick to find a bunch of the same coins all that quickly.

The girlfriend had a great idea to reduce rattling noises and to help them with sorting of the coins so we threw in all the wrappings the coins came with ontop of all the coins. Most was the crappy paper that they couldn't reuse but some was those reusable plastic ones.

Next is that first box all sealed and wrapped up in wrapping paper. It looks like there could be anything inside!

We didn't realize until we had sealed up box 3 of 3 that we had forgotten to take a picture of the 2nd box wrapped up. Inside the 2nd box was the first box with some of that shipping bulk paper on either side so the 1st box wouldn't rattle around. The third box contains the 2nd box and those shipping plastic air containers.

All and all this thing ended up picking up another 3lbs from packing materials and wrapping paper. It was given to the bride and groom later on that evening.

I got a message the day after their wedding, after they had opened it up that i was a douchebag but it was a much appreciated gift none the less (the 100$). Later on that day i got another message saying he's just going to use one of those automatic coin counters and that if it was missing even a penny he'd have my head!

I told him i expect him to one up me whenever i get married in the future and damn well hope he does. If he does you know i'll be taking pictures as i open his gift.
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