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Originally Posted by fishingfanatic View Post
If you're going 64 bit, I found 8gbs so much faster than even 6. Go Mushkin. Great for overclocking, durable, great rep. and lifetime warranty. Get a 2 gb kit for the old system and when you can, bump up the Mushkins you have to 8gbs, and stick with the same speed /make though I've mixed manufacturers before wit hthe same timings. I couldn't believe how much faster the last stick made my system. Enjoy!
Yeah? Hmmmm... One computer (mine) would be the 64-bit system (if I get Windows 7, it will be 64-bit for sure. I'd dual boot Linux but that OS will be 64-bit, too). The other budget build will stick with XP Pro 32-bit. So, yes, 2GB of DDR2 RAM will probably be sufficient. It will be extra money to do this so I was just wondering if it's worth it. I'm sure the memory would be put to good use if I do a lot with the virtualization software. Even though, if it's true you see a difference (system is faster)...

I have read (here) that you can mix different RAM manufacturers and you should have the same timings... and if they're the same, more likely to work better (less issues?)... but, if I get the Blackline Mushkins, I think they're closer to what I already have (same model name/number almost) so the timings are probably the same. An easier addition?
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