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Default can't activate windows....

I can't believe this,
i rma my proc and mobo, it take almost a month more than 30 days
so now i can't activate windows 7....
now windows wants me to pay 50 buck just so i can talk to them...??!!!
thats such , it pisses me right off,
now im getting these pop ups that are saying my windows isn't genuine or that someone had taken my registration key and that i have to buy another one....
i don't understand... so i pay 250$ and now they want me to spend another 250? thats such
wow wish windows had a competitor because then they wouldn't be so stuck up about this 30 day or you don't get the full version of windows ...

clear some light on how i can contact them without having to pay 50$ or fix this annoying problem...
edit: if they feel that people can steal there software why not just register it automatically when it finished installing so people don't run into these problems... or have it that the computer must have a certain amount of time that it is running instead of counting the days

another note....
i got my 1090t up to 4 today and running nice and cool after 4 hours of stress at 38 :)
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