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My System Specs

Default 3 SSD 64GB's In Raid0(edit 3 drives In Raid0 results + Pictures)

Just Picked up 2 Kingston Value 64GB SSD's to put into raid 0 on my main rig, how could i not buy them they were $109.99 each at NCIX, thats $1.70/gb, plus i already have one at home and know how the real world results are... amazing when compared to mechanical drives.. im super stoked to set these up..

that means my Corsair R60, gets moved from my main rig to my Mini-ITX HTPC, my exsisting Kingston V 64GB SSD, moves from my mini-itx HTPC into Girlfriends laptop. and two newbies get raided.

my main rig will be a thing of zen now, 2 WD Caviar Blacks 640GB (64MBcache) are in Raid 0 as storage, and my 2 SSDnow 64GB will be the OS in Raid 0.. two sets of dual channel kingston ram. 2-2-2

Am i worried about a failing disk... no i have lots of backups running, 1 750GB external and a secondary PC with a 640GB.thats covers my storage and reinstalling the OS is a breeze, i have a thumb drive with all needed drivers as an install pack... Im just excited and wanted to share with the WWW

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