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Default Can't access SATA drive

A friend was having big trouble with windows, had been fighting an error for some time. I told him to cut his losses and just reinstall. He had problems doing that, experience some kind of error part way through. Then he had a friend who "knows all about computers" come over to try and help him and from the sounds of it they just dug a deeper hole. I told him to bring the drive to me and I'd copy all the info on the drive (has two partitions) to a second drive and format it for him and send him on his way to do a fresh install.

Well I have the drive here and can't get XP to recognize the drive. It's a WD1200JD SATA drive on a DS3R. BTW the main HDD in this comp is a PATA if that matters. The POST shows there is a drive on channel 0 (slave) but no other info. I've reset the CMOS just incase I had some settings that were off and no dice. Also they had moved the jumpers on the drive and I can't find any info on the proper setting. The sticker on the drive only shows it in one spot so I moved it there to enable PM2 what ever that is.

Any ideas?
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