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Default Something's been fishy since I tried putting computer to sleep.

hey, all.

It's been getting stifling hot lately, and to cut down on the heat ownage in my room, I've taken to turning my computer off when I'm not at home (normally It's always on). However, I much don't feel like waiting for it to boot up every time I start it either; so, this morning, for the first time ever with this computer, I tried setting it to 'sleep mode.'

big mistake.

It didn't turn off in the first place; instead, it restarted to the BIOS screen, and started booting up again until it got to the point it told me I needed to either go into bios and fix it or load the default BIOS setup.

So, i loaded the default setup.

Then I had boot device issues--it had reverted back to floppy/cd/hdd priority, not to mention only one hard drive was available in the boot device priority screen. I had to then flip over to the HDD section, and switch my HDD order around so that my lone seagate drive was my priority hard drive again.

after that, computer booted up fine.

Now, however, Windows Live Messenger refuses to connect online, and on Mozilla Firefox, three or four sites I visit regularly are now giving me the 'Untrusted Connection' warning, citing that those site's security certificates have expired. Seems awfully fishy, considering that some of the ones giving me the warning are reputable websites; the ones in question are:

I'm running a virus scan on avast! but so far it hasn't found anything.

nothing to this effect has happened until I tried putting my computer to sleep for the first time today, and i've had it well over a year now.

your thoughts?
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