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Originally Posted by frontier204 View Post
Agreed, especially when you're going 1 GB to 2 GB. I see you mentioned programming, and at my school I can cripple the 1 GB RAM "lab" computers while doing research which I consider simple. (by cripple I mean the computer is hitting the pagefile so much that it takes >15 seconds for any response)

...I almost lost work once because their IT dept thought those computers would actually be stable without a pagefile but that's another story ...

As an example, I noticeably slowed the computer with the following:
Windows XP + Firefox with ~5 tabs + Eclipse IDE running Java program that had no GUI + Matlab displaying a single graph + MS Office with the professor's PPT slides
Ok you have persuaded me since I am going to university with this as my laptop and then my desktop as my main I think that it deserves and upgrade. Hey I wonder there is some space still with the ram that's currently in it. Is it possible to get soDIMM heat spreaders? Or am i going to have to DIY it?
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